Hi, I'm Kine!

Welcome to my portfolio.

A Glance at My Portfolio

A painting of Gandalf and Frodo overlooking Rivendell

"Lord of the Rings" - Acrylic - 2020

My boyfriend's dog gazing into the distance.

"Minnie" - Acrylic - 2020

A small river flowing through a meadow

"Spring Feeling" - Gouache - 2021

A painting of a Dutch coastline, featuring a windmill.

"Evening Breeze" - Acrylic - 2020

A painting of the 'Let Light Overcome' album cover, by 'Our Last Night'.

"Let Light Overcome" - Acrylic - 2020

A Norwegian cabin on a winter night, surrounded by mountains, with the northern lights above.

"Northern Nights" - Acrylic - 2020

A stone cottage in an autumn forest.

"Autumn Cottage" - Acrylic - 2020

A painting of a Panda eating bamboo.

"Happy Panda" - Acrylic - 2020

A painting of a Kraken in a cave.

"Kraken's Cave" - Acrylic - 2020

A painting of the Neuschwanstein castle, with a sunset in the background.

"Neuschwanstein" - Acrylic - 2018

A cosy bonfire in the woods during a late autumn afternoon.

"Bonfire Evening" - Gouache - 2020

A painting of an autumn scene with a river running through the middle.

"Autumn Afternoon" - Gouache - 2019

Small house in a blue winter world.

"Winter Wonderland" - Acrylic - 2021

A painting pinecone lightly dusted with snow.

"Lightly Dusted" - Watercolour - 2017

About Me

I'm a 21 year old traditional artist based in Norway. I mostly paint landscapes and scenery, but I try to experiment here and there.
My preferred medium is acrylic, but I also enjoy watercolour and gouache.

Commissions — Contact Me

I am taking commissions! Let me know what you have in mind, and we can discuss further. Reference photos are always welcome!
Feel free to get in touch below or through discord.